• Elite Coaching

    Sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of the clients in a fun and safe environment. Coaches will take the time to assess the players current level (both skill and fitness based) before designing a development plan to aid their progression. Coaching Solutions is also available to work with teams or clubs that would benefit from receiving specialized coaching.


Academy Programs

  • Academy Programs

    Coaching Solutions currently works closely with the Queenstown Cricket Club in facilitating an Academy Program which assists players that have the potential to progress to a top level of performance. The program consists of skills and fitness training as well as other aspects of athletic requirements. We plan and facilitate sessions to educate players on getting the best out of their abilities and prepare them for future involvement in their chosen sport. Coaching Solutions is available to structure and run the programs as a whole or if preferred we can provide coaches for skills training only. This can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the players.


Private Lessons

  • Private Lessons

    Specialist private coaching is the only form of coaching that focuses exclusively on the player. Sessions can be tailored to suit the individual’s needs ensuring new skills are developed while existing habits can be corrected.


    From the basic techniques of your specific sporting needs, we work with our players to develop skills and refine performance. Private lessons are for the individual or small group trainings of up to 4 players.


Team Coaching

  • Team Coaching

    Coaching Solutions works closely with local clubs and organizations providing knowledge and experience to support the club’s needs. Whether you are needing a team coach or specific group skills training we can help. There is a substantial difference between simply facilitating a group to delivering a strong focus on upskilling players. We offer the professional service that continuously targets development.

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