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What We Do

Coaching Solutions Queenstown is involved with many different sporting groups in the Central Otago region assisting with both coaching and administrative tasks. We offer various programs dependent on the needs of the individual. Although the programs may vary the goal remains the same throughout and that is to create a fun and enjoyable experience for all those involved. To encourage involvement and offer experienced coaching to assist with their development.

How We Started

Sports Coaching Solutions was founded in Christchurch, New Zealand by Mandie Godliman in 2007. Mandie has over 25 years experience within the sports and leisure industry both in the UK and New Zealand.

After being involved in the industry for over 15 years herself and working with various sporting organisations in New Zealand, China and The Netherlands, Emma identified a potential market in Queenstown where she could create a similar service that would help to grow and develop sport by working with the local clubs and organisations that existed here. A place where she could share her passion for development and encourage involvement in many different sports. Coaching Solutions Queenstown was first established in 2014.


The Vision


Share Passion

To share our passion for development and encourage involvement in many different sports.

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Personal Development

To develop the talent of our players and coaches by helping them to achieve their personal milestones. 


Lead the way

To be the leading service provider for sports development through coaching and administration in the region.

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Community Spirit

We feel strongly about the involvement we have in the community. We enjoy working alongside our local clubs and organisations to become one team.

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To keep our players and coaches safe throughout every service we deliver



To offer high quality service at an affordable rate.

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